Hi I’m Elisa Goodman and today I’m going to give you 3 Tips to Unleash Your Creativity:

Tip #1 – Do not say “NO” to your Muse. Saying “NO” teaches your inspiration/creative juices to “shut down”. You never want to shut down the process on the 1st attempt. You may ultimately not use your 1st inspiration—but you will never get to your best inspiration if you crush it from the get-go.

That bit of advice I learned in 1979 from the legendary director, Bill Ball from American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco. If Beethoven or Mozart stopped at their 1st group of composer notes and said, “That’s terrible”, they may have never gotten to Beethoven’s 5th or Mozart’s most famous composition.

Tip #2 – Always write down any thoughts, phrases, ideas, fragments when they come to you. You may never be able to recreate that “perfect” sentiment you thought of right before you drifted off to sleep, thinking you will remember it in the morning. Trust me, you won’t. Always keep a pen/pencil and notepad with you. That’s why the phrase, “it was inspired” is so deep!

Tip #3 – Ideas come “through you” to be birthed. I call them “Downloads from the Divine”. Be present enough to respect those moments. Not every moment of every day is a download of epic proportions –but sometimes, the messages that you receive are for your healing, a problem you wanted to solve in your business, your life’s purpose…and then, after you have “polished” them, be sure to share them with your friends and business contacts – as they might need the same inspiration too.

The way it comes through you may be “exactly” the way they can “hear it”. That is when you will have followers and customers to your business. Because for some reason, the way you communicate those “life messages” are very real for someone else. We are all looking for “answers” –and while the answers are out there—between all the daily “Noise” — certain people have selective hearing. If you resonate for them in just the right way, they will be following you for life! You have to interpret your life colorfully for You…and in doing that, you will be of service if you can share it with those who will intuitively hear you. Don’t worry about those who can’t hear you….they will hear someone else. And that’s totally fine!

Just keep saying “YES.” It will be worth it!

Trust me on this one.

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Elisa Goodman is the Owner/Designer/Prolific Muse of Curmudgeon Cards, I’m Skewed! – Encouragement Art with a Twist & Perched on the Moon Designs.
Her company is dedicated to enhancing your life through Creative Expression, Impactful Communication & Inspired Art.

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