Elisa GoodmanHi! I’m Elisa Goodman and I’m here to welcome YOU to CURMUDGEON CARDS – Works of ART on Paper! … Dedicated to enhancing your Life through Creative Expression, Impactful Communication & Inspired ART! A self-taught Artist with an innate sense of color & composition, I’ve become an EXPERT in delivering sophistication & a unique artistry to the ART of the Written Word. My designs have impacted lives by encouraging transformational communication between people.

Since 2001, I’ve been designing my Signature One-of-a-Kind Handmade ART Greeting Cards using the ART found on Postage Stamps from around the world, often embellishing them with gorgeous vintage fabrics and Decorative Papers.

However, over the last 7 years I have discovered I have a gift for quirky Illustration, which has complimented my long-time love of writing. “I’M SKEWED!WITTY Words. QUIRKY ART. WISE Wisdom.” uses the metaphor of the EYE to look at your life with a fresh perspective, when faced with challenges. My late husband Ken had a skin-cancer related illness that left him without SIGHT — and our humor was the one thing that helped guide us through that painful time. The Art is playful, the messages humble, heartfelt and humorous. I described our life as “School of Hard Knocks” meets “SEINFELD.” Life is short so we better “Get on with it!”

I’m grateful that so many of my ILLUSTRATIONS are now being displayed in businesses and in homes —and do welcome requests for Custom Topics and Text. If you would like to up-level your office or home décor with some snappy, happy Art, please feel reach me at 424.256.9884 or info@curmudgeoncards.com to see how I may be able to “brighten up” your environment!

I’m continually inspired by those I meet in my travels and have made some popular drawings based on real people – “Pirate Ken” (my late husband), “Ode to Ellen”, “Marius the Lemonade Boy”, “The Cyclist”, “The Magic Vase”, “Mr. Lincoln”, “Frolic”, “The Lime Eye” and some special drawings for a UCLA Fundraiser for “The Art of the Brain” – in honor of Brain Cancer Survivor, Judi Kaufman.

My Specialty Topic Handmade Art Cards have been discovered at major Museum Gift Shops around the country including: The Getty, LACMA, The Museum of Fine Arts Houston & Boston, The Denver, Crocker, Philadelphia, Peabody-Essex & Seattle Museum’s of Art. My cards can also be found in upscale hotels including The Montage (Laguna Beach) & high-end paper boutiques like Flax: Pen to Paper in Westwood and Jacob Maarse Florists in Pasadena.

My Life Purpose as an Artist, Mentor, Writer & Healer in the Spotlight, requires that I use my Gifts of Humor, Insight, Resourcefulness & Creativity to bring you Out-of-the-Box Works of ART. I love meeting new people and traveling around the country as an Exhibitor at Art festivals — where you might also meet my mom Natalie — who, at 95, is my oldest fan!

A former casting director for movies and television for 20 years, I am currently based in Los Angeles. CURMUDGEON CARDS is named after my late father, veteran comedy writer, Hal Goodman.

LATEST NEWS: If you are an Artist or Small Business who finds copywriting tedious or a big fat snooze… or could use some brainstorming energy around clarifying your marketing message, I can definitely help! I’ve launched HIP POCKET COMMUNICATIONS which is fast, fun & easy and delivers prompt results to powerfully articulate your unique message to help your clients better understand what you do and what you sell! Please feel to contact me at 424.256.9884 for a FREE 20-minute consultation to see if we would be a good fit!

Thank you for enjoying my work!






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