• Life’s too short to spend with Assholes! (Courtesy of Kenneth J. Marcus)
  • Say ‘Yes’ to Opportunities that inspire You!
  • Saddle Up. Show Up. Or Shut Up.
    Either do it, drop it or stop talking about it.
  • If you get an intuitive “hit” – you notice something, a voice says go ”right” when you always go “left”, follow the bird crumbs. Many times, “magic” is waiting. The times I have done that, I have created magical drawings out of those experiences –which would never have happened if I was not “present” to the opportunity.

  • The days I don’t want to pack up my car, clean my house and drive the  (5) hours to get an out-of-town show are usually the shows I do well at. The energy and “resistance” I “feel” I now realize are “patterns”. It’s a fine line to delineate between “It’s a Sign” I shouldn’t go (when nothing is lining up and everything is falling apart….) and honoring the fact that I rarely cancel, but sometimes, it just feels like the adult thing to do versus: “I’m tired…but I know it will be great if I just get myself there.” Sometimes even Rain turns out to be a blessing. It is a constant Meg - Someone Elses Shoesmystery….Trying to listen to that “inner voice” and realize that my job is to bring my message of positivity and hope to people. If I don’t show up….someone who might really “need some inspiration” will not receive it. That gets me going.
  • Everyone is on “their own path”. There is so much “noise” out there to follow someone else’s path because it seems they have “insider” information & are “doing it more correctly” than the one we are each on. Here’s the words of wisdom that came to me for a drawing I made in 2011 entitled: “Meg in ‘Someone Else’s Shoes’ ”:“Sometimes we wish we were in ‘Someone Else’s Shoes’
    & forget that they may be stinky, worn out or in need of a polish.
    Always be grateful to the shoes that House your Soul!”
  • Buddha CardThe trouble is, you think you have time. (Courtesy of Buddha)
    Well, if you want to refute that, just turn on the daily news. Remember that commuter train you thought was just going to take you to work? …Oh, well…it decided to derail today.
    Do as much as you can to get pleasure out of the little things. The walk on the beach, a bubble bath, the cuddle with your loved one, your pet, your inspiration, your muse…. even taking the trash out. As Sogyal Rinpoche wrote in
    “The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying” : (Paraphrasing)
    “From the minute we are born we are dying. Some people have timely deaths, some untimely. We never know which will be our path. Therefore, live as fully as possible so you don’t have regrets at the end.”
  • British Astrologer, Jonathan Cainer – whether you believe in astrology or not, I find him to be a like a great comfy sweater – when I listen, it’s like getting advice from someone you trust, who doesn’t tell you what you want to hear—but tells you what you might “consider” — which always help to shift me to a place of understanding and gives me reassurance that my “path” is a good thing and when I get out of the way of “trying” to make it more difficult, there are ALWAYS great things around the corner. (www.jonathancainer.com)  In the end, does it really matter? We won’t be here….the only person we need to please is ourselves.
  • Elizabeth Gilbert (“Eat, Pray, Love”)  is also another “go-to” sanity source for neat ideas and a“Pick Me Up” that doesn’t involve drugs or alcohol!  Last Christmas on Facebook, Elizabeth Gilbert shared one of her “gratitude secrets.” She keeps a “Happiness Jar”. Every day she writes down something that makes her happy or an event that made her happy. On days when she is having a “down day” –she reaches into the jar and plucks out a piece of paper that reminds her of something that made her happy. That helps her “shift” from one mental space to another where she remembers to be “grateful”.
  • Be easy on yourself. We are all trying to do our best on any given day.
    When the world is crumbing around me, I try to go for a walk by the ocean or grab a yoga class. Don’t be afraid to tell people “NO” – you just can’t do one more thing! Boundaries, people! Be your own boundary!
    If your circuits are overloaded, go back to doing something that makes you happy and that is for ‘YOU’ to help get you back on a more even keel.  For me, it is sitting on the floor with all of my stamps and fabrics and creating Art.
  • Breathe.

If any of the above was helpful, please share and feel free to send me your “aha’s.   Have a great day!

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