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November 22, 2013

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I thought I would share my first blog post with this story.  I am giving thanks to the amazing people I have met through this process who have “Gifted” my life in such profound ways….I don’t even know where to begin.

I’ve become aware that I have a weird and awesome gift…it’s kind of like the kid in “The 6th Sense” when he says, “I see dead people”.  Well, I seem to be able to translate experiences I have into ART and make it available in a universal way.  Some of you may know that I met an amazing woman, a couple of weeks ago at one of my local weekend art shows –Lynne Popadak who lives and speaks about living with chronic pain.  Within hours of meeting her I googled her and found out that she had been quoted in an article using the phrase – “If in life you trip, make it part of the dance”.  I just loved it and found out it was an oft-googled/yet unknown quote.

Making our mistakes and our foibles to appear seamless, casualand transparent allows others to not be so harsh on themselves.  They then, see you as the example, of someone who triumphed through a hard time.  We all want role models and we all want an easy way out and to help, whenever possible.

This drawing of “FROLIC” has just been created and has already evolved into a magnet, poster and card.  It has been popular and “Best Seller” right out of the gate—and it would have never been birthed had I not met this amazing, beautiful, radiant woman who emanated grace through her trials with chronic pain.

Engaging with people is a Gift.  I’m not saying you need to talk to everyone –but the ones that you get a “twinge” with….keep digging – there is a definite reason there is a deep, magical connection.  I now know to pay attention to those “God-Shots” when they speak to me….as they enrich my life and those around me in the future sharing of the tale.

Thank you, in particular, to several individuals who I met in in my travels in peculiar and magical ways:  Anita Finlay, Natalia & Marius Cilova, Lynne Popadak, David Stob, Mike Michalowicz, Frolic Taylor, Baeth Davis, my late husband, Ken Marcus…and of course, my parents Natalie and Hal…whose initial meeting turned out to be one of divine inspiration!


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