Life’s Too Short Not to Get Your Ass out of Bed and Go to Yoga Book


Literally HOT OFF THE PRESS! “Life’s Too Short to Spend Time with Assholes!

& “Life’s Too Short Not to Get Your Ass out of Bed and Go to Yoga!”

If you need a little inspiration and know someone you love could use a Life Lift (kind of like a facelift for your life) — this may be your answer!

My LIFE’S TOO SHORT Series are ready to enjoy! My 60th Birthday Project has been percolating for several years now and I’m finally ready to share it with you and dive deep — offering over 100 of my most popular & whimsical illustrations — accompanied by my deliciously snarky and comedic observations about my pursuit for a balanced life!

I can randomly open to any page and feel inspired and enlightened by your story. Your humor, honesty and insight uplift me.
— Bonnie Max (Great Neck, NY)

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This celebratory and uplifting anthology series offers (2) powerful ways to enjoy them — “Life’s Too Short to Spend Time with Assholes!” is my beautiful tribute to my late husband Ken (who lost his eyesight due to complications from a skin-cancer-related illness) and “Life’s Too Short Not to Get Your Ass out of Bed and Go to Yoga!” which contains uplifting pearls of wisdom through the prism of Yoga.

In a “Chicken Soup for the Soul” -type format — both are jam-packed with personal stories and the inspiration behind the drawings, life lessons learned from dealing with a traumatic life event– and it is my hope that it offers you a new way to look at challenges which may present themselves in your life.

These make great Holiday Gifts and the drawings can even be framed! On any given day you can grab your latte, open the book, turn to your favorite for a daily dose of inspiration and be laughing before you’ve looked at your emails.

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