Welcome! If you are looking for Exceptional Value, a definite crowd pleaser, & something that is definitely unique and won’t be seen in every store in town, I may be a great resource for you!

My expertise is in the following areas:

(1) Handmade Topical Blank One-of-a-Kind ART Cards

(2) My unique, whimsical & quirky Illustrations from my “I’M SKEWED!” line feature over (60) characters and are offered as printed Cards, Posters & Magnets. Categories include: Birthday, Encouragement/Condolence/Wellness, Holiday, Love, Yoga, Fashion and Alternative Topics such Creativity and Self-Expression, Finding Your Purpose, Alignment & Balance and Getting On with It!

My Handmade ART cards are Custom Made (usually for Traveling Museum Exhibitions), Galleries or High-End Paper Boutiques and are created using the ART from postage stamps from around the world and embellished with gorgeous textiles and papers, making little signed pieces of ART. They are One-of-a-Kind and often framed to be purchased as a gift.

Topics include: Art, Botanicals, Seashells/Sailboats/Lighthouses, Asian Woodblocks/Buddha’s/Teapots/Ikebana; Music, Quilts, Dogs/Cats/Horses, Animals, etc.

You may request particular Artists (i.e. Degas, Renoir, Gauguin, etc) or Asian Woodblocks/Teapots or Flowers, etc. depending on your unique needs. (PDF Topic flyers are available to download with samples of Past Designs so you can get a general feel of the consistency of my work.

Due to the custom nature of my cards, many of the background materials used are remnants and may not be able to be duplicated EXACTLY in the quantities you order. This is actually good news – as it tends to encourage Impulse Buying because your stock is not over-saturated with multiples of the same item. Ordering ASSORTED means you pick the topic that suits your immediate needs – i.e. Sailboats or Seashells. If, for example, you would like to order a dozen of either – you would get (12) Seashells or (12) Sailboat stamp images from different countries with individual fabrics and/or paper background design. Sometimes identical designs are avail. if requested in advance.

ART Cards are BLANK and are designed on Crane’s Ecru Lettre Paper – 100% Cotton with a matching Ecru Envelope, sealed in a clear, protected cellophane bag. The cards are usually able to be mailed for the current postage rate. If someone chooses to use a padded bag for extra protection, additional rates will most likely apply.

Order Minimums:
(24) Assorted is the Minimum for the Handmade Cards (BLANK)
(36) Assorted is the Minimum for the Printed Cards. You are welcome to Mix/Match Styles and Quantities to suit your store needs– some cards are Blank and those with text (i.e. Happy Birthday, etc) are indicated with a clear sticker on the back of the card which seals the opening of the cellophane bag.

Prices are subject to change and are quoted upon request.
To order, please send a purchase order to: info@curmudgeoncards.com or give me a call directly to discuss any custom requests. p. 424.256.9884

PAYMENT IS EXPECTED IN FULL WHEN ORDER SHIPS. A Credit Card Back Up is requested to place an initial order. Visa/MC/Amex/Paypal/Check is accepted.
E-mail orders are always confirmed with an acknowledgement phone call from me. If you do not get one, please note that your order may not have been received.
All Sales are Final. If I am in your neighborhood for a Re-Order, I will be happy to exchange a maximum of (10) cards to trade-out or freshen up your stock.

I look forward to creating something special JUST FOR YOU. If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know. I am happy to scan and e-mail potential ideas, designs, stamp images prior to committing to an order.

Thank you so much for considering Curmudgeon Cards! References available upon request.
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Phone: (424) 256-9884
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